Album Review: Ossuarium’s Living Tomb

Sometimes I think I’ve gotten too old to listen to death metal; my taste has gravitated towards groovier, less jarring metal subgenres.  But when I heard about a new release coming up on 20 Buck Spin — the label of my boyfriends Khemmis — for a “death/doom” band called Ossuarium, I figured I’d give it a,… Continue reading Album Review: Ossuarium’s Living Tomb

Don’t Try to “Make It”: An Interview with Phil From Khemmis

From left: Ben (gtr/vox), Phil (gtr/vox), Zach (drums), and Dan (bass).

If Denver doom quartet Khemmis made waves with their 2015 debut, Absolution, their sophomore album Hunted was a tsunami.  Now on the eve of their third release, Desolation, vocalist and guitarist Phil Pendergast talked with Alternative Control about the band’s songwriting, imagery, and the ideal of “making it.”  Weekend warriors of heavy metal, read on…… Continue reading Don’t Try to “Make It”: An Interview with Phil From Khemmis

Album Review: Khemmis’s Desolation

What can I saw about the new Khemmis record?  Their 2015 debut Absolution set them on a path to becoming darlings of the indie metal press; Hunted, released a scant year and a half later, was named Best Album of the Year by Decibel and solidified their place in the hearts of doom metal listeners… Continue reading Album Review: Khemmis’s Desolation