Album Review: Wino’s Forever Gone (Ripple, June 26th)

The best music makes you feel something. It communicates something universal and beyond words. You can’t put your finger on it but you know when you find it. This quality can be traced back and found in the output of artists such as Neil Young and Steve Earle, in country music, in old time American… Continue reading Album Review: Wino’s Forever Gone (Ripple, June 26th)

Review of Opus Unplugged

When Christian Lawrence, a.k.a. Opus, asked me to review his new solo album Opus Unplugged, I automatically said yes – because that’s what Alternative Control does when anyone asks us to review their album/tuba quartet/nude performance art.  But then I got worried.  Here’s this dude who makes a lot of things happen in “the scene,”… Continue reading Review of Opus Unplugged