Review of Opus Unplugged

When Christian Lawrence, a.k.a. Opus, asked me to review his new solo album Opus Unplugged, I automatically said yes – because that’s what Alternative Control does when anyone asks us to review their album/tuba quartet/nude performance art.  But then I got worried.  Here’s this dude who makes a lot of things happen in “the scene,”… Continue reading Review of Opus Unplugged

Mindsnap is Back!

Two years ago, Alternative Control described Mindsnap Music’s Metal-Rock Mania as “fun, free, and flowing with cheap beer,” a relaxed bi-weekly event that welcomed bands from many genres.  But shortly after we wrote that article, the bar that hosted the event closed down and the all the metal-mania was put on hold… Until now.  Christian… Continue reading Mindsnap is Back!