#UnoccupyTheMall, 2014 Edition

I’ll admit it, I hate Christmas shopping. It gives me even more anxiety than hosting parties. I never feel like I’m picking out the perfect gift, spending the correct amount of money, or putting the exact right amount of caring and consideration into whatever the hell I finally end up purchasing for my lovely friends… Continue reading #UnoccupyTheMall, 2014 Edition

Bali’s Best, Next Door to the Tile Shop

  Forget “going to Jared” or those ugly Pandora bracelets.  If you want jewelry that’s truly unique, head to a little gem hidden between the Stamford garbage dump and the crater where Subway used to be: Agabhumi.   Billing themselves as “The Best of Bali,” this shop’s collection of sterling silver and semi-precious stones lives up… Continue reading Bali’s Best, Next Door to the Tile Shop