Baldwin’s Choice: Kayo Dot

Kayo Dot is more than a little confusing. They’re a group that sounds like you shouldn’t take them seriously, because they’re strange almost to the point of mockery. But beneath the sheer alien nature of whatever genre of music they tackle at any given time, there’s a core of uniqueness that’s unparalleled. In a musical… Continue reading Baldwin’s Choice: Kayo Dot

Baldwin’s Choice: Ozric Tentacles

I was a huge fan of Ozric Tentacles in my younger years. Their sound was true, escapist wonderment. No message or moral or artistic stance other than epic and tripped out music for its own sake. Progressive rock aspects of the band harmonized with my musical interests at the time in bands like Yes and… Continue reading Baldwin’s Choice: Ozric Tentacles

Baldwin’s Choice: Moonsorrow

Glowing praise needs to be stated for a band who never seems to be confused about their musical direction. I’m not talking merely on an album to album basis, but song by epic song. For a band who defines themselves on ambitious pieces of Viking metal of exceeding song length, Moonsorrow’s track record is almost… Continue reading Baldwin’s Choice: Moonsorrow

Baldwin’s Choice: Miles Davis

UNITED STATES - JULY 02: NEWPORT JAZZ FESTIVAL Photo of Miles DAVIS, Performing live onstage - looking to camera. (Photo by David Redfern/Redferns)

It’s Black History Month and my choice is Miles Davis. So many things have been said about the man’s brilliance and importance. He’s regarded as one of the 20th century’s top composers. And the reasons for it are chocked full with so much music theory bullshit. I don’t know how to play jazz music, and… Continue reading Baldwin’s Choice: Miles Davis

Baldwin’s Choice: Deathspell Omega

Heavy metal has been known for its extremity and controversy for a number of years, almost as long as it’s been a genre. Ever since Black Sabbath’s debut album in 1969, it’s challenged society’s acceptance and moralistic tolerance. Yet as years go on and once taboo facets of underground lifestyles become conventional, shocking the system… Continue reading Baldwin’s Choice: Deathspell Omega