Getting Esoteric with Branislav from BANE

Branislav of BANE. Photo borrowed from Facebook.

One thing I’m really enjoying about Alternative Control’s Nerd Talk series is that it lets readers see a side of the featured bands they might not get to see elsewhere.  After publishing one such column by BANE frontman and mastermind Branislav, and listening to the band’s new album Esoteric Formulae while posting it, I became… Continue reading Getting Esoteric with Branislav from BANE


"Ace Ventura rules!"

It’s a Nerd Talk takeover with Branislav from BANE. The once Serbian, now Canadian-based Blackened Death Metal frontman shared some of his favorite “nerd stuff” with Alternative Control: MOVIES I’ll have to go with Ace Ventura – Pet Detective. This is probably the movie that I have watched THE most times (and still get a great laugh out… Continue reading NERD TALK with BANE