Interview with Todd Evans of Mobile Deathcamp

"Have you ever heard of Slayer?" Photo by Dean Guitars.

Editor’s Note, 2/20/2015: Scroll all the way down for updated 2015 tour dates! Ohio thrash band Mobile Deathcamp is playing two Connecticut dates on their current tour: 3/8 at Cherry Street Station in Wallingford and 3/10 at the Downtown Café in Bristol.  Alternative Control talked with guitarist and frontman Todd Evans, formerly Beefcake the Mighty… Continue reading Interview with Todd Evans of Mobile Deathcamp

doyoulistentogrindcore? A Review

As someone who doesn’t know a goddamn thing about grindcore, I was outside of my element reviewing David Carradine’s latest release.  My comrades and I watched Bones on mute while listening to the untitled album, a split CD with Indonesian band Ah-!!!.  The sixteen frenzied tracks were a fitting accompaniment to scenes of decaying bodies… Continue reading doyoulistentogrindcore? A Review