Band Interview: Mineva

In our effort to provide our readers coverage of the best new local music, we present to you Mineva, a fiery and passionate post-hardcore band.  On their debut EP, Precious, Endless, Kevin Covill (vocals), Jason Moriarty (guitar, vocals), Sean Prior (guitar), Peter Stroczkowski (bass, vocals) and Anthony Buck (drums) deliver four songs of jagged, sincere… Continue reading Band Interview: Mineva

Interview: Patrick Kindlon of Self Defense Family

Self Defense Family is the type of post-hardcore band that is constantly pushing boundaries, whether it be lyrically or through their music, which seems to change from release to release. They make you reconsider what constitutes punk rock or hardcore. In addition, they have a shifting line-up of musicians that can see the band swell… Continue reading Interview: Patrick Kindlon of Self Defense Family