Valient Thorr: On Earth to Help

  In a world where rock music has devolved into coiffed dudes with tribal armbands crying about their girlfriends, Valient Thorr is a blast of Thin-Lizzy-Lynyrd-Skynyrd-Motorhead kick-ass telling those dudes to wake the hell up. Since their Venusian spacecraft crashed in North Carolina in the early 2000s, they’ve been bringing true rock n roll to… Continue reading Valient Thorr: On Earth to Help

“New” Music for the New Year — Vegetarian Metalhead’s Picks

  King of Salem — New Haven, CT — Heavy rock meets 70s, meets Southern rock Jamie Shields — Somers, NY — singer/songwriter with an angelic voice, plays folk acoustic music Ultrabunny — Danbury, CT — extreme/glam/psych/noise/post-punk/no-wave/70s rock Lord Fowl — New Haven, CT — classic rock

Tied Up in the Bronx, er, Attic

  Being so close to New York, Stamford music-lovers get to enjoy a lot of great bands from “across the border.”  Left in the Attic and Tied for Last are two of the many NY groups whose sound waves can’t be contained by the state line. Best friends Murphy, Crissy, and Jacks formed Left in… Continue reading Tied Up in the Bronx, er, Attic

The Fez

  Walking into The Fez (227 Summer Street, Stamford) is like entering an alternate reality, perhaps the opium den scene from an old movie about “the Orient.” Mirrors and black roses adorn the blood-red walls, and a silver hookah sits in a corner.  Curtains, candelabras, and burnished lanterns give the Middle Eastern restaurant a warm,… Continue reading The Fez

The Kids Are Alright… And They’re Raising Money for the Tommy Fund

  Don’t say that “kids” are good for nothing these days — Fair Weather Records, an outfit put together by a couple young guys from the New Haven area, has recently released the compilation album The Kids Are Alright to benefit The Tommy Fund. Featuring 24 tracks from Connecticut indie bands, FWR plans to donate… Continue reading The Kids Are Alright… And They’re Raising Money for the Tommy Fund

August Music Notes

By Jessica May Every so often, it’s time for a random music column. Here goes: New Haven rockers Beijing sent Alternative Control their EP to review — see, Twitter is good for something after all. It’s Not So Simple was recorded this summer, only months after the band formed. To be honest, I’m hooked. “Glitch”… Continue reading August Music Notes