EP Review: Linchette Marcel (Self-Titled)

My first thought when I read the words “Lithuanian alt rock duo” was, “Jesus, what the hell is this going to sound like?”  And my second thought was, “Where the hell is Lithuania?” It turns out that Lithuania is the “southernmost of Europe’s Baltic states, a former Soviet bloc country that borders Poland, Latvia, and… Continue reading EP Review: Linchette Marcel (Self-Titled)

Album Review: Delta Deep, Self-Titled (Mailboat Records)

What do you get when you put together Def Leppard’s lead guitarist, the Stone Temple Pilots’ bassist, a soul singer who’s done backup vocals for Michael Buble and Luther Vandross, and a metal-loving drummer who’s worked with TLC and Englebert Humperdinck?  Somehow, you get a blues band. Def Leppard’s Phil Collen started assembling Delta Deep in… Continue reading Album Review: Delta Deep, Self-Titled (Mailboat Records)