“Post-Something, Black-Something”

  Every couple months, I become intrigued with a band I find on the internet.  First it was Valient Thorr, next it was Barn Burner…  The latest fascination is with Black Table, a genre-defying metal band based in New York and New Jersey.  They have this one six-minute song posted on Band Camp — and… Continue reading “Post-Something, Black-Something”

Bair Grills… Homicideation by Mortifica

As a young Bair cub, I visited New London’s El ‘N Gee Club to support friends in the group Catalyst on more occasions than I can remember. Though disbanded, they’re still the grooviest metal project I’ve ever seen live, and among the most intense to this day. El ‘N Gee played gracious host to an… Continue reading Bair Grills… Homicideation by Mortifica