Connecticut’s Gonna Have a Cop Problem

  Earlier this week, Alternative Control spoke with drummer Josh Cohen from Cop Problem, a Philly punk band who will be tearing up the Heirloom Arts Theatre on December 6.  Josh is joined by Randon Martin on guitar, George Grimaldi on bass, and his sister Deb Cohen on vocals.  The band is releasing their second… Continue reading Connecticut’s Gonna Have a Cop Problem

Here It Comes… The Last Week of Summer

Aside from the summers off, er, the joy of molding young minds, the best thing about working in education is the opportunity for a fresh start every year.  I feel lucky to have a defined time in my professional life to trash what doesn’t work and build on what does.  But summer ain’t over for… Continue reading Here It Comes… The Last Week of Summer

“My” Danbury: Not Dead Yet?

  I didn’t grow up in Danbury, but I grew up in Danbury.  It’s the city where I learned to work hard.  It’s where I met my best friends and where I met my husband.  (On a Saturday morning at the Three Brothers Diner — from the minute I saw him, I knew he was… Continue reading “My” Danbury: Not Dead Yet?

“Post-Something, Black-Something”

  Every couple months, I become intrigued with a band I find on the internet.  First it was Valient Thorr, next it was Barn Burner…  The latest fascination is with Black Table, a genre-defying metal band based in New York and New Jersey.  They have this one six-minute song posted on Band Camp — and… Continue reading “Post-Something, Black-Something”

You Should Know… CT Summer Metal Update

  Editor’s Note: This article is completely biased and includes every conflict of interest imaginable.  U mad, bro? I recently found an article I wrote for WCSU’s student newspaper in 2007, titled something along the lines of “Summer Metal Update” — and with everything that’s going on in the scene these days, I think it’s… Continue reading You Should Know… CT Summer Metal Update