Addendum to “The Fez”

So remember how we wrote about The Fez a couple months back and said the music was great but we’d never tried the food?  Well, we tried the food and it was delicious!

My partner-in-crime and I arrived at Friday around eight, and were lucky that two seats had just opened up at the bar.  (Tip: Make a reservation.  The place is slammed on the weekends.)  We started with some foreign-ish drinks — an Italian pinot grigio for me and Mythos, a Greek pilsner, for the gentleman.  Owner Eric Monte hand-picks the wines, which is great for a wine newbie like myself; choose anything off the list and it’ll be good.

We started with a plate of sag and feta rolls with kalamata olives.  Partner-in-Crime pointed out that these olives were much better than “those shriveled ones in the jar” that I put on his salads.  For the main course, I tried the chicken bastilla wontons and he ordered a braised lamb shank.

My chicken wontons were Asian in name only; the two filo pastries were stuffed with chicken and almonds, served with mild curry sauce and an herb salad.  This dish was in the “small plate” section of the menu, but it was definitely enough food for a light dinner.  I enjoyed the unfamiliar flavors — a refreshing change from my usual diet of pasta and tomato sauce.

But my companion’s lamb shank was, as the bartender put it, a culinary “swan song.”  Cooked in a burgundy sauce, the meat was tender and falling off the bone.  He had arrived at The Fez “not that hungry,” but finished the entire plate.

So until Alternative Control develops some kind of restaurant rating system like the real food bloggers, we’ll say that The Fez gets “two metal horns up.”  (This is a high rating, like getting “two tits up” from The Headbanging Hostess.)  If you have a little extra cash and want a dinner that’s not run-of-the-mill, put The Fez on your list!

The Fez is located at 227 Summer Street, Stamford, CT
Phone: 203-324-FEZ1 (3391)

  • Snacks: $6 each or 3 for $16
  • Small Plates and Pizzets: $8-16
  • Large Plates: $19-25


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