SomruS and Thali: Delicious Food and Drinks

  Earlier this week, Alternative Control was invited to Thali in New Haven to try SomruS, a recently launched Indian liqueur.  SomruS is truly an international product — dreamed up by a Chicago-based company, made with Caribbean rum, and bottled in Wisconsin, SomruS is the first cream liqueur to represent the flavors of India. And… Continue reading SomruS and Thali: Delicious Food and Drinks

Miya’s: No Ordinary Sushi

  If you just want some hot Gekkeikan and a tuna roll, don’t go to Miya’s Sushi.  But if you want an unreplicated sushi experience that is hyperlocal-bordering-on-hipster, this New Haven restaurant is your destination.  My husband and I stopped there for lunch this weekend, enjoying a memorable and debate-inciting meal. The first thing we noticed… Continue reading Miya’s: No Ordinary Sushi

JW’s Asian Extravaganza

Milford, Connecticut is overflowing with Asian cuisine. For such a tiny town, there’s some version of a Chinese/Japanese/Thai place every half mile, to the point where it’s starting to get weird. For this piece I’m just centering on just one immediate area: the JW-carved out range between the CT Post Mall and Milford Marketplace (Whole… Continue reading JW’s Asian Extravaganza

Restaurant Review: Crush Sports Cafe

If you’ve read my previous reviews, the last thing you would expect from me is to review a sports bar. I’ve done genre/lifestyle specific restaurants (G-Zen/Uncle Willie’s BBQ), high-end restaurants that have the chef’s name under the name of the place (Parallel Post – a Chef Dean James Max eatery!), or semi-popular takeout places (Layla’s).… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Crush Sports Cafe

G-Zen Review

G-Zen, located smack dab in the middle of Branford’s retail/restaurant section may possibly the best vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan restaurant in the state. That’s a lofty amount of praise, so allow me to go further and defend my statement. G-Zen is able to craft delicious and challenging  dishes that can change the minds of carnivores and confirm… Continue reading G-Zen Review