Suffocation Show Review

The Palace Theater in Stafford Springs played host to a highly anticipated metal show this past Saturday, where Long Island’s Kings of Death Metal, Suffocation, played headliner over a bunch of local and regional loud rock bands. The bands were split up onto two stages with the headliners Hanzel Und Gretyl and The Summoned playing… Continue reading Suffocation Show Review

Bair Grills… 2013

"Jim, hold us back!"

  There’s no doubt that some of my greater achievements and most dismal disappointments occurred during the last 365 days. One of my fondest moments in over a decade of performing took place at Cherry Street with Last In Line, paying tribute to Dio with some of my very best friends, and in the doing… Continue reading Bair Grills… 2013

Bair Grills… Rise and Fall by Continuum

In my opinion, a band is great when they can not only showcase their musicians’ skills, but do so in the confines of composing enjoyable songs. A lot of people can shred but what they write might be bland wankery. And a lot of people write great hooks but don’t blister faces with solos. With… Continue reading Bair Grills… Rise and Fall by Continuum

Arcane’s Last Show: The End of an Era

  Arcane Malevolence‘s first show was December 14, 2007 at Monkey Bar with Age Old Nemesis, Lesser Being, and Year of Confession. Monkey Bar shut its doors years ago and reopened as some dance club.  Lesser Being and Age are now defunct; I don’t know who Year of Confession is, but they’re probably defunct too.… Continue reading Arcane’s Last Show: The End of an Era