Album Review: Tartarus Horde (s/t)

By The Necrosexual The Horde is coming! You hear a rumble in a distance. Then, a hissing choir of fallen angels on the horizon. The dusts swirls around you. Run if you can, but it’s too late. The rabid legions from the last bastion of hell are here. Philadelphia’s Tartarus Horde is a maelstrom of high magic delivered with the most brutal… Continue reading Album Review: Tartarus Horde (s/t)

The Necrosexual Interviews Captain Graves of Advent Varic

By The Necrosexual “Blackened.” It’s a funny word. Great Metallica song, but so many black metal bands these days fall under the moniker. Does “blackened” denote an extra dark, crispy exterior, like a perfectly seared cut of tuna? Reminds me of my days a teenage kitchen slut, sizzling Ahi tuna in the Grim Poconos Mountains.… Continue reading The Necrosexual Interviews Captain Graves of Advent Varic

The AltCtrl Spring Sampler is Here!

Did you enjoy Volume Doom?  Then you’re in luck, because Alternative Control is going to have new music coming at you every…. Well, we’re not sure about the intervals yet, but check out the AltCtrl Spring Sampler! After seeing the overwhelming positive response to Volume Doom on social media and IRL, and observing how our… Continue reading The AltCtrl Spring Sampler is Here!

Nerd Talk with The Necrosexual

New series here, folks.  Alternative Control will be hosting guest columns penned by people from all over the metal scene, about the nerdy things they love.  For our maiden voyage, “the most electrifying man in corpse entertainment” tells us about his favorite film, book, and video game.  Here’s the inner nerd of none other than… The Necrosexual!… Continue reading Nerd Talk with The Necrosexual