Suicide Black Snake, Coming to the Masses

“Integrity means not swaying from your beliefs. This is how we live, we do not care what anyone thinks about us. We have no interest in what society does or thinks.” –Dwid Hellion With their North American tour just finishing and a European tour coming up, Integrity is spreading the sound of their upcoming album… Continue reading Suicide Black Snake, Coming to the Masses

Secrets Uncovered

  I wore my pretty underwear tonight, slipped them on right after my shower, hair still wet and dripping you know I hate blow drying. You’ll like them, I promise, lacy and black, in the front,

Winter Gauges

  It’s getting colder out now! Yeah, I know: “Thank you, Captain Obvious.” The night has slipped its way across the border of summer’s days, creeping in with lower temperatures over the evening hours. Leaves change into colorful attire, as if they are dressing up for a special occasion, readying themselves for their fall journeys.… Continue reading Winter Gauges

Nomadic Frontman Soon to be ‘Dead by Wednesday’

  On one recently gorgeous day of spring attempting to break through the barracks of this crazy winter season, I found myself sitting down at a table outside of Delaney’s in New Haven. Sitting in the chair opposite mine was someone I know from my high school years, and it’s great to know that such… Continue reading Nomadic Frontman Soon to be ‘Dead by Wednesday’