Alternative Control’s Top Ten Articles of 2013


10. Connecticut’s Gonna Have a Cop Problem


 The Hipster King on Mazzy Star (a tie!)


9. Sound, Blood, and Lineup: A Review of Howl’s Bloodlines

8. LSG on the CT Music Awards Best Metal Nominees

7. Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story of Pantera

6. The “Art” of Constructing a Punk Rock Vest

5.  My God, They’re Full of Hair: A Review of Replacire’s The Human Burden

4. Book Review: Sachi Parker’s Lucky Me: My Life With – And Without – My Mother, Shirley MacLaine

3. For Ladies Only: How to Cut Up Your T-Shirt

2. My Heart Lays Bair Before You: An Alternative Control Valentine’s Day Special

 (Lightsbane was almost #1, but was usurped at the last moment!)

And the most viewed 2013 article is….

Baldwin’s Top Choices of 2013 Part 2 – The Everything Else Releases

Apparently, folk bands in Norway are a pretty big fucking deal!  Happy New Year!

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